It only took two months before Project Independent went right back to business as usual for 2015. After all the announcements about WoodBangers taking over during 2014, when 2015 came around Project Independent made a new announcement about the "winds of change blowing": In my opinion something "blows" but it may not be the winds of change..
The official website is The facebook pages for NAIRMA (the association) and NAIRMA (the awards banquet).

The best part about this is the claim that Project Independent has been approached by NAIRMA.

Both Project Independent and the North American Independent Rock Music Association are owned by Jeff Totten. Apparently he approached himself to be part of history! Good trick, but if anybody could pull that off, it would be him.

There are two NAIRMAs. and is owned by Jeff Totten and was started in November, 2014. But there is another organization, and this one was started before that by WoodBangers Entertainment in August, 2014. So how does WoodBangers feel about this new organization that isn't theirs? Remember that they are the organization that was going to sweep in and save the Project Independent Living Loud tour (doing away with pay-to-play which actually didn't). Well, WoodBangers doesn't appear to be too thrilled about it. This was the only information on the website.

Hmmm...a scam artist in the independent music scene that has been doing musicians in for eleven years? Who could they possibly be talking about? Also this post might give some information on what was really going on during this 1.2 million dollar deal. Sounds like it was more in the $5000 range and mostly dealt with advertising. I say that the "org" bunch should take some legal action against the "net" bunch, but that's just my wishful thinking.

So Jeff Totten's North American Independent Rock Music Association is going to start running Jeff Totten's Project Independent and there will be some changes. The biggest change is that they will be charging for memberships. It will cost everyone to join the NAIRMA in order to get in on benefits and vote for bands to win the covetted NAIRMA award every year.

The NAIRMA membership badges are ready to go for 2015

There's still the same old tour. They've got the schedule all ready proposed and it looks just like every other Living Loud tour. Project Independent claims that they are lifting the presale requirement, but if it's anything like the way WoodBangers lifted pay-to-play, it only means that they don't take money up front. However, if you'd actually like to not play at 4 PM on a Sunday, or even be guaranteed a spot, you'll need to give them some cash. Their new requirements were more like that of Gorilla Music.

ONE BIG CHANGE for 2015: Goodbye, Live Broadcast to 400,000 viewers! After Project Independent spent two solid years bragging about how 400,000-1,000,000 people were watching their live-feed, how no one in the "industry" could offer that kind of opportunity, and how everyone else in the industry was trying to learn their technology, they are suddenly scrapping the live-stream broadcast of their shows on the PI website. Say what?! Somebody must have come to the same conclusion many of us did, that those numbers were pure bullshit. So much for all that "exposure" that the bands were being told they were paying for!

THE BIG WINNER: Instead of winning a chance to go on the next 60 day tour, one lucky band - that they select - will win a trip to Hollywood to perform at the NAIRMA awards banquet. I'm sure there won't be any bands complaining as the PI Industry professionals pick their favorite winning band.

In addition to all the other organizations they are developing, the Project Independent crew has also decided to start their own benevolent foundation. With the generic title of "The Foundation For a Sound Solution," it's difficult to know what this foundation actually does. They claim they want to preserve the cultural history and artistry of independent musicians, whatever that means.

Who could be on the Board of Directors of this organization?

If they aren't making the mission very clear, they certainly are giving plenty of info about how to donate. They've got a Paypal all set up for you to make those $25,000 contributions!

Yeah, give money to these guys to honor your cherished loved-one, or for your birthday or anniversary! What a tribute! "Honey, I thought about getting you some jewelry for our anniversary but instead I decided to donate $2,000 in your name to the Foundation For a Sound Solution." That'll work. In fact, put me down for a couple of those Founder contributions!

By the way, the mailing address for the Foundation for a Sound Solution is actually a post office in Torrence, CA

Be sure to notice the claim that your contributions are tax deductible.

I'm skeptical that this is true. It takes a year or two to submit all the legal paperwork to be eligible for a non-profit 501c3 status. They don't pass these out like candy. It can be a difficult and a very time consuming chore to go through all the hoops it takes to obtain this status with the IRS. If the FFASS Board of Directors just created this foundation, it seems like there hasn't been enough time to have this tax exempt status granted to them. There should also be some indication that the Foundation For a Sound Solution has these credentials in a tax search. The website GuideStar is a really trusted way to see if an organization has charitible status. The Foundation for a Sound Solution doesn't show up. So always check the websites that give ratings for charity organizations before you donate to any organization. So far none of them mention this foundation.

UPDATE: They appear to be working on their 501c3 status (according to a post on the Foundation facebook page), but this organization still does not appear in any charity search website.

"WHAT IT MEANS...Fewer students will be denied access to instruments and musical exploration..." -Isn't this similar to what the VH1 Save the Music program is all about?